The diversified, leading, most experienced and oldest existing contracting companies operating in Gaza strip and West Bank
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ZEDCO has its own proven management approach and experienced management teams that always deliver the required project results and performance accountability. ZEDCO operates from modern and well equipped head Office located on the heart of Gaza city. ZEDCO is Having a full time Work managing director and technical manager to provide immediate solution to any problem and to monitor the sites and office operations. The spirit of creative thinking and competition between the company staff is one of ZEDCO’s factors of success in the past years and makes it a well-known company.


ZEDCO is committed to diversity in its workforce. The company strives to assure that its employees are respected and valued for their individual uniqueness, experience and skills. By respecting and valuing differences, ZEDCO will enhance teamwork and thereby build a competitive advantage. Wrongful discrimination has no place at ZEDCO. ZEDCO policy is to maintain a work environment that is free from unlawful discrimination, harassment, and / or retaliation. ZEDCO is one of the leading Palestinian Contracting Companies which gives chances for female Engineers to work on the construction projects.


ZEDCO offers equal opportunity for its staff, men & women to pass through training courses in a range of specializations with emphasis on Computer and Finance to enrich one’s personal life and greatly impact one’s career through the interaction with different culture, meeting a wide spectrum of people, forming lasting relationships and acquiring new educational horizons.