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For the third decade, ZEDCO still depicts the immaculate impression for its clients. Revealing the extraordinary Services it can provide, the on-time support, and the perfect solution that does not surrender.As a general contracting company, our services are geared towered all levels of clients, in a cross cutting environment for understanding and collaboration.Since ZEDCO was in its nascent period, the ample non-stopping support is still comprising high percentage of ZEDCO priorities, keeping pace with new methods and technologies.


Our services number more than 15 various categories, some of them are: Treatment plants, infiltration basins, pumping stations, desalination plants, PLC & SCADA, Power Generation, Infrastructure, Buildings, and many other services that encompasses & exceeds your imagination in all fields of Environmental, Electrical, Electro-Mechanical, Infrastructure, Construction, and other fields of Engineering.

Factually, plenty of ZEDCO capacities and experiences are devoted towered the after-service period, the support period, providing the on-time technical & managerial advices, high qualified experts, and high technology maintenance.

In ZEDCO, it is inevitable that all jobs merit the further attention to be done in an environment of safety, quality, aesthetic, and creativeness.