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ZEDCO understand the responsibility and the necessity for the implementation of a successful safety program.

The prevention of accidents and the achievement of safe working practices are imperative. It is an intention to prevent accident that causes injuries and damage equipment and / or materials.

All ZEDCO employees’ are responsible for maintaining a safe and healthful work environment. Strict adherence to ZEDCO safety practices and guidelines benefits all of ZEDCO’s clients.

The safety of every project staff member, client personnel, visitors and member of the public are of prime importance to ZEDCO management. The company and its officers are committed to safe construction, and operation with emphasis on the prevention of accidents and injuries.

ZEDCO safety Principles

  • Each staff member, supervisor, manager is responsible to demonstrate the accidents prevention plan and will be evaluated accordingly.

  • All injuries and occupational illness can be prevented.

  • Every staff must follow safe work practices and methods for themselves, their fellow teammates and members of the public.

  • Safety performance reviews must be a continuing process.

  • Training is an essential element for a safe working environment.

  • Injuries, unsafe practices and incidents, and near misses with injury potential must be investigated.

  • We do believe that no job is worth doing if it cannot be done safely

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