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For many decades ago, most of North Gaza dwellings, households, and  communities were in horrible sanitation problems exacerbation, that ends recently to the March 2007 collapse of Bait lahia lakes of wastewater, with six people were killed, 24 were injured, and 2,000 people were displaced.

Thus, an inescapable & immediate solution with a long-run perspective became indispensable to alleviate some of the environmental & health threats. Donors did not need much persuasion and pledged the grant in due course, and funding from the World Bank has been announced.

Hence, an emergency project entitled “North Gaza Emergency Sewage Treatment” (NGEST) has been unveiled in two parts: A & B. Part A: was for the Main Sewage pump station and has been completed last year by us.

Now it is the time allotted for part B: “Supply and Installation of Plant and Equipment of North Gaza Wastewater Treatment Plant”, to be in vicinity to the infiltration basins in the purpose of termination of the cluttered disposal of wastewater that ends in massive environmental & health problems.

 On May 2th, 2010, Part B was awarded to us and our partners.

North Gaza Wastewater treatment plant will be of 35,000 m3/day capacity, and will serve about 350,000 capita by the year of project completion 2017, and by next fifteen years, i.e. 2025 it will be of 65,700 m3/day capacity. The plant will include preliminary treatment, primary treatment, secondary treatment, and tertiary treatment.

 The preliminary treatment comprises Screening, grit and grease removal, primary clarification, and pre aeration.

 Fine screening stage consists of two parallel automatic screens with a first level screen with maximum 20 mm spacing and a second level screen with maximum 3 mm spacing in addition to automatic cleaning for waste to be lifted, conveyed, compacted to reach 35% dryness before poured out to a container, with polluted air exhausted toward the odour system.

Two lines of channels shall be used for the treatment of grit & grease as a rectangular aerated grit channels, with a surface loading rate design criteria , the primary sedimentation is adopted.

 For the secondary treatment, three activated sludge basins are the process with F/M ratio (Feed/Micro-organisms) of 0.1 Kg BOD5/Kg MLVSS and contact retention time of 10 minutes at reference daily flow.

The biological treatment process in activated sludge basins with 6.5 meters depth partially buried, shall include:

  • A contact basin
  • An anoxic basin
  • An aeration tank
  • A degazing structure
  • Clarification

On leaving the aeration area, a certain amount of sludge is recirculated to return in the basins to avoid possible unbalanced concentration of bacteria.

Four turbo compressor blowers is to supply air at the bottom of the aerated basins, one blower for each basin, and one standby blower shall be installed.

Two hours detention time final clarification stage is following the biological treatment (Activated Sludge),

In case of general shut down of the power, a by-pass system shall be installed in order to allow the transfer of waste water from the primary treatment to the tertiary treatment.

Two lines of bio filters feed from a pumping station shall be in addition to a series of microfiltration type of membranes (with a nominal pore size < 1 Micro meter), to be immerged in the aeration zone of the biological reactor separating the treated wastewater from the sludge.

 In tertiary treatment, sand filtration & chlorine disinfection with a contact time of 30 minutes at reference flow is to be adopted as a process.

 Project elements included:

  • Pre Aeration ,screening, grit & grease removal and primary clarification
  • Activated Sludge
  • Blower and Energy Building
  • Final Clarifiers
  • Effluent Pumping Station
  • Digesters and Thickener Building
  • Sludge Silos and Sludge Dewatering Building
  • Gas Holder and Gas Torch
  • Sludge Storage
  • Work Shop
  • Administration Building
  • Guard Room
  • Inlet Gravity 1400 DI Pipes & Optic Fiber Cable
  • Odour Systems

Also the works shall include:

Installation of a gravity D.I. pipeline diameter of 1400 mm which will start from the collection manhole of the Terminal Pumping Station (TPS) in Bait Lahia to the split chamber at the entrance of Bait Lahia WWTP.

Installation of the fiber optic cable along the existing D.I  pressure main from the TPS at existing Bait Lahia WWTP to the NGWWTP.

Installation of all infrastructure outside the site from El Karrama Street up to the NGWWTP which including: Electrical High-tension Line, Water supply, Storm water disposal, Telephone line, and Pavement of the access road.

This project is to be a prelude to a revolutionary stage in infrastructure & sanitation projects.

NGEST : Supply and Installation of plant and Equipment of North Waste Water Treatment

Supervisor -The Consortium SOGREAH/MVV Consulting/UG/Engicon
From - to: 2010-2013
Region -North Gaza
Value -40,167,000.00 (USD)