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Project Description

This contract is the second phase of Rafah Wastewater Treatment Plant.   which is planned to be constructed through three separate contracts , part "A" for the construction of two trickling Biotowers and the biotower feed pump station, internal piping, redistribution chamber and By Bass Manhole , part "B" for the construction of effluent pump station, Administrative Building and Maintenance shed  and part "C" is for the construction of the force main . Zediah is concern with part "A" of Phase II.

The Costal Municipality's Water Utility (CMWU) is the beneficiary and is carrying out the site supervision by its own staff.

We signed an agreement with International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) on the 07th September, 2009 to perform the necessary works for part (A).

The project is located at Rafah - Tal Al Sultan area of Rafah City.

  Objective of the project

The main objective of the project is to provide an environmentally sound solution to solve the overloading problem of treatment plant, and to increase the capacity of the treatment plant in Tal Al Sultan area to reach 20,000m3/d. 

 Project Activities

  • Two Biotowers (Ø 16.00m x 5.00m high) 2000 m3 of sessile media.
  • New feed pumping station for Biotowers (6.7 x 5.75) m x 5.1m total depth of total pumps capacity of 1100m3 head of 11.0 m with discharge manifold and electrical works.
  • New circulation chamber (3.5 x 4.0) m x 3.25 m overall depth and New additional by Bass chamber (5.15 x 2.7) m x 2.26 m overall depth.
  • All internal Piping works (UPVC pipes 2x400mm) from BTFPS to biotowers, circulation chamber, new by bass chamber & new effluent pumping station.
  • All cabling and electrical control panel

Design / Built of Rafah Waste Water Treatment Plant - Phase II part A

Supervisor -Coastal Municipalities Water Utility (CMWU)
From - to: 2008-2009
Region -Rafah
Value -1,179,039.00 (USD)